Step Three: Testing

dog fence testing

The final stage of training is testing to ensure that your dog remembers the boundary rules even when they are excited or tempted by an outside distraction. You want your fence to work regardless of what is luring the dog beyond their boundary, be it deer, squirrels or other dogs.

This stage of training will be more customized to deal with your dog’s trigger points. We want to deal with the kind of temptations that you think will be hardest for your dog so we can observe and train the dog in a controlled situation. Think about what the triggers are for your dog. For most the biggest temptations are family members and other dogs.

Preparing for Training

Put the correction collar on the dog and put them on a long leash. Play with the dog for five minutes in the safe zone to start the training. Have a favorite toy on hand. If possible, also have a family member and a neighbor with their dog on a leash nearby and on call to help during the training.

Testing Compliance

dog fence training

Now use a temptation to see if your dog will follow the temptation through the boundary. Start with a ball or favorite toy. Play with the dog and toy for a minute of two until your dog is excited, then throw the toy over the boundary line and see if the dog follows. If they resist, praise them lavishly for their restraint, go get the ball for them and continue the game inside the safe zone. If they try and go past, let them get the correction, and pull them back saying “No! No! No!” Once the dog has this mastered, move on to a stronger temptation.

With family members, have other members of the family play with the dog to get the dog excited. Then they should ignore the dog and walk past the boundary line. It is important during this time that they not look at the dog or call the dog, again we do not want to lure the dog past the boundary and lose their trust. If they do not follow through the boundary line then praise the dog. Have the family members return and praise the dog. If the dog attempts to follow, let them get the correction, yell “No, No, No” and pull them back into the safe zone.

To train them to resist other dogs you will need to borrow a neighbor’s dog. Have the neighbor walk their dog past the boundary line with the dog on a leash. If your dog respects the boundary, reward them with affection and perhaps a treat. If they don’t let them get the correction and pull them back into the safe zone with the leash saying “No, No, No.”

Then have the neighbor’s dog enter the yard, play with your dog briefly then leave. Again praise your dog if they do not follow over the boundary line when the other dog leaves. And if they do follow let them get the correction, saying “No, No, No” and pull them back into the safe zone with the leash.

Cool Down

Finally end the session with another five minutes of play in the safe zone. You want to keep rotating the toys, family members and dogs that you use as the temptation. You don’t want the dog to link the correction to any one temptation.

Again repeat the exercise three times a day for a week. As always, if your dog gets more than one or two corrections during any session, disable the static shock on the collar after the first or second shock.

If your dog is not tempted to cross, then it is time to start having them in the yard off the leash, but under full supervision. You should start with only a few minutes at a time and work up to longer periods. During this time keep a close eye on the dog and keep gradually increasing the amount of time the dog is in the yard and off the leash.

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