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This Dog Fence is Confusing

Imagine you are a dog. You have been happily roaming the neighborhood and one day you notice some strange flags in your back yard. You trot over to investigate. As you get close to the flags you hear a beep near your ears . . . how bizarre. You continue toward the flags and now out of nowhere a static shock hits your neck. You have never felt anything like it in your life. It is not pleasant. You freeze in surprise, but the shock keeps happening. Your flight mechanism engages and you run forward. The unpleasant sensation stops. Relief!

Eventually you may learn, but without training, you learn the wrong things. You will probably learn to associate the collar beep with the shock, and will become afraid of the beep. You may associate the flags with the shock. You also learn that to stop the shock you must run out past the flags and not return. You would likely be confused and afraid that a shock could be coming at any time when you are outside.

I Need Training

This is why training is so important. It lets you teach the dog in a structured way so they learn the right things. We want the dog to learn the three ACT principles:

ACT Training

1. Awareness

The dog needs to learn the new rules. Flags and beeps mark their boundary. When they get near the flags or hear the beep they need to turn around and retreat back into their safe zone immediately. This is what we cover in the first stage of training.

2. Correction

Next we need to teach them that there are consequences for not obeying these instructions. They must learn that disobeying the rules will lead to an unpleasant static correction. This is covered in the second stage of training.

3. Testing

Finally, we need to teach the dog that the dog fence rules must be obeyed no matter what distraction or temptation lies on the other side of the boundary. They need to learn that the boundary should not be forgotten when they get excited or distracted. This is covered in the final stage of training.

More Information is in the Book - Get it FREE Now

Training really is the most important part of having a functional dog fence. Our book, has four fully illustrated chapters dedicated to training.

book cover

Find out secrets from the pros like:

    •   How to use scent training to teach your dog in his language and get faster results naturally
    •   Why it is important where your dog goes to the bathroom and how to use this to reinforce the training
    •   How to think like your dog, a skill that will come in handy for communicating every time you train your dog

Do it right the first time and save time and money. Because for a limited time you can get a copy of our book FREE with any purchase fo $200 or more! Or for a limited time buy our downloadable book for $24.95 and get a $25 dollar voucher good for any system purchase over $250. We are essentially PAYING YOU to read the book.

Why are we giving away a $34.95 book?

Reading our book lets you use our experience to make your dog fence installation faster and more effective. That means you can save time and money while having a GREAT experience. And when you are having FUN, you tell your friends and we get more happy customers.

It is sad that not everyone who buys a dog fence gets great results. We have seen plenty of owners spend $2,000+ on a full installation and get no results at all. And the reason (nine times out of ten) is they had poor training or no training at all. A little secret in the industry is that while a good system matters, training matters much more. Since we cannot come out to your house and do the training for you, we have written this book. Follow the easy step-by-step procedure and you are going to get superior results. In fact we guarantee it.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

And of course as with all our products your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any doubts that this book will save you hours and get you much better results just return it for a full refund of your purchase price. So there is NO RISK. The only thing you can lose is several days of hard labor and frustration that you would spend trying to figure this all out yourself.

What you get

dog fence book diagrams
    1.   Years of our experience in installing dog fences and training your dog
    2.   10 Chapters with over 60 illustrations to make following along easy
    3.   Detailed planning and installation instructions that make the job easy. We show you how to handle driveways and other obstructions
    4.   The step by step training guide, that shows you the techniques we use to get the highest containment rates in our industry. Teach your dog in the safest most convenient way.
    5.   How to easily find breaks in the wire with a $2 gadget and save $100s over getting a house call from a professional installation company.

How to Get It

You get an electronic copy (PDF) of the book FREE with any purchase of $200 or more.

Or you can download a copy of the book for just $24.95 and receive a voucher for $25 off any purchase over $250. So effectively it is free.

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