Step Two: Correction


In the second stage of training we introduce the correction, a mild static shock to teach your dog that there are consequences for breaking the rules you set out in the first stage of training. It is important to understand that we are not trying to overpower the dog or cause them distress. We just want to receive a correction strong enough to regain their attention and refocus them on their boundary rules.

The analogy we draw is like teaching a small child. Parents will know exactly what we mean. Tell a child not to touch a hot stove a hundred times and they may understand, but the lesson is not learned until they actually touch the stove and learn why you have been telling them not to touch. The correction will reinforce the rules.

Preparing for Training

First, activate the correction for the collar and adjust to the level suggested in the manufacturer’s instructions. Lean toward the lower setting initially; you can always increase it later if the dog is not responsive.

Put the correction collar on the dog, ensuring that it is properly fitted. (see our book for more details on how to get a perfect fit) Now put the dog on a long leash in the safe area and play with him for five minutes.

Correction Training

As in week one, let the dog lead you around. When the dog crosses the boundary flags, allow the dog to get the correction and only then say “No! No! No!” and pull the dog back. Praise the dog when they return to the safe area. You can tell if the dog received the correction because they will yelp or flinch. Again, never lead the dog over the boundary; let them go over on their own free will.

Repeat this exercise at different sections of the boundary for ten minutes. Be sure your dog does not get more than one or two corrections each session as you do not want them to be overwhelmed. Once your dog has got two corrections, turn the static shock setting on the collar off and continue the exercise, just doing the “No!, No!, No!” part (like you did in the first week of training)

Cool Down

dog fence training

End the session with five minutes of play in the safe zone. Do this exercise three times a day for about a week. You will notice the dog will start to avoid the boundary flags. They will watch them carefully whenever they are in the yard and may even start turning their back to the flags. This is really good, it means you are on the right track!

Between sessions, keep the dog in the house. You don’t want them crossing the boundary unsupervised and undoing the associations you are working so hard to establish. If you are taking your dog outside, put them on a leash so they cannot accidently cross the boundary. If you are taking them past the boundary for a walk, put them in the car and drive them over the boundary or alternatively for small dogs, carry them over the boundary. This is only temporary. After your dog has the training completed, we will show you how to walk the dog over the boundary on a leash, but let’s not confuse the dog by doing it now.

Once you have successfully completed a week of Correction training, it is time to move on to Step Three: Testing.

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