Step One: Plan

planning a dog fence

Start by sketching a map of your property. You only need to include the basic features like your home and the property boundaries. On the map mark the areas you want to be off limits in red.

Remember you will want to keep a safety buffer of a few feet between the dog and any road. You also need a buffer of a few feet between the dog and the sidewalk. Otherwise your dog will see people walking along the sidewalk and charge toward them before coming to a stop right at the boundary. The pedestrian will not know about the wireless fence and will be frightened when they see the dog trundling toward them at top speed. This can be fun to watch but is probably not a great idea.

True story: Many years ago one of our crew lived in a small town and had an early dog fence. The dog was happily loitering in the front yard when a police officer came a knocking on the door and complained the crewmember could not let his dog roam the street and needed to either tie it up or put it in the back yard. “Officer” they protested “the dog is contained, we have an invisible dog fence.” Clearly annoyed, the police officer replied “I don’t see any fence.”

You also want to shade any ‘must have’ areas where the dog needs access in green. Now decide where your base station(s) will be located. Each base station must be located in an area protected from the elements and near a power outlet. Avoid locating base stations next to water heaters, air conditioners or electrical boxes. Mark the base station(s) with an X.

Now draw a circle around each base station. You want each circle to be as large as possible to maximize the amount of space the dog will have to play without crossing into any of the ‘off limits’ areas. Remember each circle must be drawn with the base station at the center. You may need to move the base station location to achieve the design you want. Just remember that the base station must be located in a place both protected from the weather and near a power source. Also remember boundary circles have a maximum radius, (200 feet for the WiFi Dog Fence, 90 feet for the PetSafe IF-300).

Note that you can use multiple base stations with the PetSafe model to create a more customized boundary layout.

Now it is time to install your wireless fence.

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