Step Two: Install

installing wireless fence

Place the base station in the planned location. If you plan to wall mount the base station, don’t make any permanent attachments yet because you may need to adjust the location. Plug in the system and turn it on. Next, adjust the boundary radius setting on the base station to the desired distance.

Now check that everything is working as planned. Take a collar out toward the boundary and make sure it is not triggered in the safe areas and is beeping in the boundary areas. Be sure to hold the collar at approximately the height of the dog’s head. You will probably need to adjust the boundary radius setting and perhaps the location of the base station a couple of times until you have this just right.

When you are satisfied with the setting, permanently mount your control box. Now take one last walk along the boundary line with the collar in hand. Again, hold the collar at the height of the dog’s head and figure out exactly where the boundary lies. Mark the boundary line where the collar starts to beep by planting one of the provided flags into the ground at two yard intervals. Easy isn’t it!

Time to start training your dog!

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dog fence book diagrams
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You get an electronic copy (PDF) of the book FREE with any purchase of $200 or more.

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