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A wireless dog fence creates a circular boundary without the need for any boundary wire. If a circular boundary will work for your property then these systems are great because the installation time is under an hour! This section will show you how to plan and install a wireless system. But first a reminder of how a wireless fence works.

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How a Wireless Dog Fence Works

The wireless dog fence communicates directly with its base station, much like a cordless phone. When the collar gets too far from the base station, the collar emits a warning beep. If the dog continues away from the base station, the collar delivers a correction to the dog until they return. You can adjust the range of a wireless fence anywhere from 20 feet to a maximum of 90 feet (for the PetSafe model) and 200 feet (for the WiFi Fence model).


Wireless fences have another advantage in that they are portable. This portability allows owners to take their fence to a vacation home in the country or on a hiking trip to prevent your dog from straying too far from your campsite. Another advantage of wireless systems is that the correction zone extends indefinitely out beyond the boundary, preventing the dog from running through the boundary line. This feature makes it a little easier to train dogs on a wireless system.


The disadvantage of wireless dog fences is that they only allow you to have a circular shaped boundary. In some systems you can use multiple units to overlap the boundary circles to create a more custom shaped boundary, but you are still relatively limited in what you can do.

Lets Get Started!

The first step for the installation is to take out a couple of minutes to plan your layout. Once you have a plan sketched out, now it is time to install your wireless fence.

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