Step Two: Lay Out System

planning a dog fence

We are going to lay out the system along the planned route and test it to make sure everything works as planned. This lets us correct any problems before the wire is buried, when fixing problems is twice as hard.

Lay Wire

First we run the wire along the planned route. Be generous in laying out the wire, leaving about 20% extra so that you don’t run out when you have to bury the wire later on. It is easier to trim away excess wire than add extra wire.

Where you need to join two lengths of wire (splice), strip a bit of insulation off the end of each wire. Take the exposed copper and gently twist them together. This will not be a permanent connection, you are just ensuring that everything works, so don’t bother using a wire nut.

Install Box

The controller box houses the control settings for the system and acts as the signal source. You can mount the control box anywhere that is close to a power source and is sheltered from the elements. You can screw the controller box to a wall using the supplied mounting screws. If you are mounting onto masonry or drywall, make sure you use wall anchors. Next connect the boundary wires to the control box.


Connect the control box to the power supply and switch on the system.

The control box should show that everything is working properly (usually indicated by a green light). If a wire break is detected, the system will alert you, typically with an alarm and a flashing red light. If there is a break, it will usually be because one of the splices between lengths of wire has come loose. Once everything is working, it is time to test out the system.

Take the collar. walk around the boundary and listen for warning beeps to ensure everything is working in the right places. Make sure the planned safe areas have no beeping and the boundaries trigger warning beeps. Remember to hold the collar at a level similar to your dog’s height when testing the system. If necessary adjust the field width setting at the control box and tweak the placement of the wire until you are satisfied that everything works properly.

Now disconnect the wire from the control box and remove all temporary joins. Now you are ready for the next stage when we will bury the wire.

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