Step Three: Bury the Wire


There are a number of ways to bury boundary wire in the ground. The fastest and easiest way to bury the wire is to use a trencher. But you can also use an edger or plain old garden tools to get the job done. In our book we also discuss how you can avoid burying the wire completely.


dog fence trencher

You can rent a trencher with a cable laying attachment at most tool rental places. It will set you back about $50 and will save you a lot of time and make the job easy. We strongly recommend you use a trencher because the machine does all the work. It actually cuts a slot in the ground, places the wire in the slot, and then covers it back up with dirt. We like the models made by a company called EZ-Trench as they fold neatly to fit in the trunk of a car.

The attendants at the tool rental center will show you how to use the trencher in detail. The first step is to pound a stake into the ground. Then you get a reel of boundary wire, feed it through the guide in the trencher and tie it to the stake. Finally, start the trencher, engage the motor and slowly walk the trencher along the planned path. Voila!

Power Edger

If you want to avoid renting a trencher and only have a short distance to cover, then a good alternative is using a regular power edger. Set the edger to the deepest setting and use it to dig a shallow trench along the selected route. Place the wire in the trench and backfill with dirt to hold it in place. Alternatively you can do it manually and just use hand tools to dig the trench. This is ok for short runs and gives a lot of control, but is pretty slow going.

Driveways and Footpaths

We always get asked, how do you get across the driveway . . . Easy! The most common method is to cut a narrow slot across the driveway with a circular saw, place the wire in the slot and then seal the cut.

driveway dog fence

Find a location to make the cut. The best spot is an expansion joint or seam that is already in the driveway as this will camouflage the cut and will help you make a perfectly straight cut. If no expansion joint is available, just mark a line with chalk and cut along the line.

Now fit a circular saw with a masonry blade and use it to make the cut. Set the cutting guide so you are cutting about one to two inches deep. Once the cut is complete, place the boundary wire in the slot, pushing it to the bottom of the slot. Now caulk over the slot with an outdoor caulk to seal the slot and hold the boundary wire in place.

Reconnect the system

Once all the wires are buried, splice together the ends of each section. Use the waterproof splices provided to hold everything together and keep the joint waterproof. Reconnect everything to the controller box and switch it on. Congratulations!

Now that you've completed the installation, let's focus on training your dog!

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How much is your time worth? Our tips will save you hours and more importantly will help you get the job done right. Our book has three fully illustrated chapters dedicated just to installing your system.

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Find out secrets from the pros like:

    •   How to get across driveways and tunnel under footpaths
    •   How to use a crawl space or guttering to help you do a back yard only installation
    •   How to splice wire together properly so that the joint will stay together no matter how much pressure is applied
    •   How to get away without burying the wire at all!

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It is sad that not everyone who gets a dog fence gets great results. We have seen plenty of owners spend $2,000+ on a full installation and get no results at all. And the reason, nine times out of ten, is they had poor training. A little secret in the industry is that while a good system matters, training matters much more. Since we cannot come out to your house and do the training for you, we have written this book. Follow the easy step-by-step procedure and you are going to get superior results. In fact we guarantee it.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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What you get

dog fence book diagrams
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    5.   How to easily find breaks in the wire with a $2 gadget and save $100s over getting a house call from a professional installation company.

How to Get It

You get an electronic copy (PDF) of the book FREE with any purchase of $200 or more.

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